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Software Information

Development CompanyVolume Graphics
Software TypeVGStudio Max
Software Version2018
Version Number3.4.0
Official Release2018
Crack SolutionPhysical Dongle / Emulator Dongle


Physical Dongle

- Physical dongles are delivered to customers, Install Softwate and Activation Software

- The Dongle Support Change PC and Update PC Hardware and Update Windows

- You can install software on home and office computers, and just plug in the dongle and the software will work

Physical Dongle Image:

Emulator Dongle

- Install Software and Activation Software

- The Emulator Dongle NOT CAN Replace PC, PC hardware cannot be replaced and Licenses CANNOT be transferred to other PC

*We will provide installation services for you by remotely controlling your computer (such as Teamviewer software).

Include Module

* Coordinate Measurement

* CT Reconstruction (Cone Beam, Fan Beam, Parallel Beam)

* IAR* for CT Reconstruction (*Technology licensed by Fraunhofer EZRT)

* Reseller License

* Extended Porosity/Inclusion Analysis (Includes P 202/VW 50093 and P 201/VW 50097)

* Special Algorithms (Helix, ART) for CT Reconstruction

* CT Reconstruction (Planar)

* Fiber Composite Material Analysis

* CAD Import with PMI (CAD translation technology supplied by Tech Soft 3D)

* CAD Import (CAD translation technology supplied by Tech Soft 3D)

* Transport Phenomena Simulation

* Foam/Powder Analysis

* Nominal/Actual Comparison

* Wall Thickness Analysis

* Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

* Capillary Pressure

* Structural Mechanics Simulation

* Structural Mechanics Cluster Extension 16

* Gray Value Analysis

* Manufacturing Geometry Correction

* Data quality analysis (ASTM E 1695)

* Volume Meshing

* OCR Analysis

* Digital Volume Correlation

* Reverse Engineering

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