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Mayka USB Dongle Solution

Use World famous brand : C4DKey Mini Dongle

We have solved all application functions of Mayka software.

100% tested, all module applications function perfectly.
Our solution can work on any version.

v6.0.40 2021 - Support Machine:

Yenadent D6 (5Axis)

Yenadent D10 (5Axis)

Yenadent D14 (4Axis)

Yenadent D15 (5Axis)

Yenadent D30 (4Axis)

Yenadent D30 (5Axis)

Yenadent D40 (4Axis)

Yenadent D40 (5Axis)

Yenadent D40M (5Axis)

Yenadent D43 (4Axis)

Yenadent D43 (5Axis)

Yenadent D43 New (5Axis)

Yenadent DC40 (5Axis)

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