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3Shape Clear Aligner Studio USB Dongle Solution

Use World famous brand : Feitian USB Dongle

We have solved all application functions of 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio 2021 software.

100% tested, all module applications function perfectly.

Our solution can work on any version.

Module List:

1. Appliance Designer

2. Ortho 3rd Party Scanner Import

3. Ortho Analyzer

4. Ortho Appliance Designer

5. Ortho Appliance Designer US

6. Ortho Bracket Placement

7. Ortho Bracket Transfer

8. Ortho Clear Alginer Studio

9. Ortho Design Builder

10. Ortho Fixture for Milling Machine

11. Ortho Indirect Bonding Studio

12. . Ortho Planner

13. Ortho Planning Model Builder

14. Ortho Production Aid

15. Ortho ScanIt Manager

16. Ortho Study Model Builder

17. Ortho System 3SCOM Inbox

18. Ortho System Administration

19. Ortho System TRIOS Inbox

20. OrthoAnalyzer

21. ScanIt Orthodontics

22. ScanIt Orthodontics Impression

23. Ortho Treatment Review Integration

24. Ortho Production Preparation

25. Ortho Auto-segmentation (Clinic)

26. Ortho Auto-segmentation (Lab)

27. Ortho Design (temporary)

28. Clear Aligner Export

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